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Train or car from Fussen to Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Any we miss out on anything scenic or any interesting stops along the way by taking the train from Fussen to Rothenburg instead of driving? We have heard that the southern part of the "romantic road" is not so romantic. We will have a car from Munich to Fussen. We are more than likely going to be driving from Rothenburg to Mainz to Koblenz and Trier.

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The Romantic Road is just a road. It links together some interesting towns, but the drive itself, particularly headed north with your back to the Alps, could be any road in Germany.

A disadvantage of not having a car is that it becomes more difficult to visit other towns along the way, like Dinkelsbühl or Nordlingen, and hence, to get an idea that Rothenburg is not nearly as unique as a certain Pacific Northwest-based travel writer makes it seem. But if you're dead-set on Rothenburg and no other town, taking the train is a reasonable option.

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If you'll have a car from Munich to Fuessen and then "more than likely going to be driving from Rothenburg to Mainz to Koblenz and Trier", why not just keep it for the Fuessen to Rothenburg part? No, not only is the southern part of the Romantic Road not so romantic, none of it is. It's just a road, probably less scenic than the ones around Fuessen and the alps in general. My main point is: why get 2 different car rentals with a train trip for 1 day between Fuessen and Rothenburg?

We happened to love our visit to Rothenburg.


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I have to agree with Paul---if you already have the car keep it------I've done the exact trip with a car and all by train----my preference was all by train as I was able to spend more time looking at the scenery and less time finding our way point to point...but keeping the car in one continuous rental will be cheaper than breaking it up

Paul (no relation--lol)