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Train From Trier to Luxembourg

I'm able to secure tickets on DB on any day of the week except Sunday. Trying to book a ticket from Trier to Luxembourg on December 11th and am unable to do so. I thought maybe it was too far in advance but I'm able to book a ticket on Saturday. There isn't anything on the DB website that indicates there isn't train service on Sundays. Can anyone confirm DB trains run 7 days a week? Thank you in advance for any guidance!

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You are just too early. Plenty of trains show for Sunday, December 4th. There are also multiple buses between this city pair.

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Yes, the full December schedule isn't out yet. However... If you have a look at the Sunday options on DB for December 4 or previous Sundays, you'll find regional trains only (RE = regional express) for this direct journey of 47 minutes. I see morning departures at 6:37, 9:37, and 10:37; you can expect a similar schedule later in the month as well.

Point-to-point regional train journeys are not typically "booked" in advance; you CAN buy the ticket in advance, but it is usually not advantageous since the same ticket at the same price will be available at the station. And seat reservations do not come with your ticket - in fact, there are no seat reservations possible for the vast majority of regional train journeys, including Trier > Luxembourg, no matter when you buy your ticket. In a nutshell, regional train trips are thought of as local bus trips - you just pay as you go rather than "book" them.

The only DB ticket offering is the "Normalpreis Europa" at €5. The ticket offers schedule flexibility - you can use it for any regional Trier > Luxembourg train journey on the date for which it is bought. (The same is true for regional trains all over Germany, btw.) That price is surprisingly cheap, I think.

"Can anyone confirm DB trains run 7 days a week?"

Yes, and you can confirm this independently by trying an earlier Sunday. The individual RE trains for Trier > Luxembourg are actually CFL trains (Luxembourg equivalent of DB - click on the "RE 11" box to see this.) But the conditions of travel and ticketing for this cross-border regional train journey appear to be the same as what you'll find within Germany for regional trains. The €5 price looks to be the same at the CFL website as well:

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Train schedules across Europe change on the second Sunday in December: this year that's Sunday December 11th. The new schedules aren't loaded yet, and they probably won't be loaded for several weeks. Do not worry about it, in most cases there is no change from one year to the next.