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Train from Frankfurt to Cologne

In checking the DB Bahn site I have noticed that a single ticket from Frankfurt to Cologne is 71,00 yet a ticket from say St. Goar to Rothenburg is actually cheaper even though the distance to Cologne from Frankfurt is much shorter. Is there a reason why this is? I was hoping to take a quick side trip to Cologne on the last day of our trip.

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The train from Frankfurt to Cologne is on a special high-speed track that makes this journey in just over an hour. If I recall correctly, the train will hit 300 km/hr or there about. Business people, for whom time is money, appreciate this. You can take a more leisurely and MUCH more scenic IC train that travels along the Rhine and takes 2 hours and 23 minutes for 47 euro standard price.

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Yes, the full fare ticket from Frankfurt Hbf to Köln is more than the full fare ticket from Bacharach to Rothenburg, because the Köln ticket uses a more expensive high speed train. However, if you can depend on being in Frankfurt on a specific date and taking a specific train to Köln, the fare can be as low as 19€ with an advanced purchase Savings Fare.

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High speed and business travelers with expense accounts. That's why the walk-up fare is so expensive.