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Train from Frankfurt Airport to Oberwesel

I am looking for assistance on train schedules from the Frankfurt Airport (FRK) to Overwesel on Saturday June 14. We arrive from Krakow at 20:05. In checking schedules should I be using Frankfurt(M)Flughafen or Flughafen Frankfurt-Hahn, Hahn (Hunsrück) on the DB Bahn website? Is there a bus that would work better?

Edit, Airport is FRA, Frankfurt International Airport

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Use Frankfurt(M)Flughafen, Fernbahnhof or Regionalbahnhof. Frankfurt-Hahn is RyanAir's airport closer to Luxembourg than it is to Frankfurt am Main. Frankfurt(M) Regionalbahnhof is served by the Frankfurt to Mainz S-Bahn and by regional trains. Frankfurt(M) Fernbahnhof is severed by high speed, long distance trains like the ICEs. Hahn airport (it ISN"T Frankfurt) is served only by buses. The best way to Oberwesel by are regional trains from Frankfurt(M) Regionalbahnhof, usually with changes of trains in Mainz or Bingen.

Frankfurt airport is FRA. FRK is Fregate Island airport.

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Thank you for the aiport station names, I should have used FRA. In looking at the scheudle we just miss a train and will need wait an hour for the next, both trains have connections. Are there any direct trains, even if it is from one of the other stations in Frankfurt that we can take a taxi to? Or is a seven minute connection time in Mainz enough time to change trains?

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There are no direct trains that night. 7 minutes is normally enough to catch a train at Mainz station - or DB would not offer the connection on its website. If you are extremely fortunate and leave FRA on the 20:59, your train to Mainz arrives at platform 1, the closest platform to the MRB train platform for trains to Oberwesel, and you'll be in Oberwesel 1.5 hours after leaving FRA.

But your problem is getting out of the airport promptly - flight delays, baggage, customs, passport control, ATM, walking to the train station, tickets.... lots of variables. I would just stay in Mainz instead in case you do have a delay at FRA. There are relatively slim connections to Oberwesel that night but direct trains to Mainz every half hour. (20:59, 21:29, 21:59, 22:29) and it takes only 25 minutes to get to Mainz.