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Train from Berlin to Leipzig

In just a few days, I’m flying to Berlin but immediately catching a train to Leipzig. From looking at Germany’s train app (DB Navigator), it seems that I need a train-specific ticket. Since I’m catching the train right after a flight, I feel that it’s unwise to buy a specific ticket in case there are any flight delays. I really prefer having my ticket purchased early and ready to go, so I’m looking for a solution - is there a day pass that would cover this? Or should I just wait and get my ticket once I’ve landed?

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If you look up trains on (or the DB navigator) you will see three prices: Super Sparpreis, Sparpreis and Flexpreis.

If you buy a "FlexPreis" ticket this is valid the whole day between origin-destination by all logical routes. So you could buy a Flexpreis "Flughafen BER" to "Leipzig" and then you can just take whatever you can catch after emerging from arrivals. Advantage of Flexpreis is also that it contains local public transit till your final destination, so you do not need a separate ticket to get to your hotel in Leipzig.

Note that the price of a Flexpreis ticket is the same whether you buy it months or minutes in advance. A Flexpreis ticket will cost you 54,60, so also look in to having "Rail and Fly" added to your plane ticket if possible, as that would be cheaper.

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Thank you, @WengenK, that’s really helpful information. Where would I find the “Rail and Fly” option?

Additionally, I will also need to travel from Leipzig to Suhl and back. I don’t see the option for round trip. Do they only sell one way tickets? And would there be a day pass (like a regional pass) that would cover it for less money? Two one way tickets seem to be on the more expensive side. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

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It may be a bit complicated to book the Rail and Fly option as you have to do that with a participating airline (pdf of participating airlines at the bottom of the linked page). You book that service at the same time you book your flight.

To book a train ticket for the 1.5 hour trip from Leipzig to Suhl with a change of trains in Erfurt (ICE to RE) you book a one way ticket in each direction, about 23-33€ each direction unless a day ticket exists between Saxony and Thuringia, the different states these two cities are in. I didn’t see an option of a day ticket but a more knowledgeable person here or a ticket agent in Leipzig might know about two region tickets.

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What's your itinerary in Leipzig? You catch the ICE in Berlin Hbf to Leipzig Hbf, the station itself is huge and worth exploring, one of the largest in Germany.

How long do you have in Leipzig? It is city steeped in German culture and history. I like Leipzig but only have seen part of the Zentrum by bus to/from the Voelkerschlachtdenkmal (Battle of the Nations of 1813 Memorial) on the same line from Berlin to Leipzig Lutherstadt Wittenberg.

Just outside of one of the Hbf exits is a bus depot, one of them goes out to Colditz, if you're interested in a WW 2 site. Colditz is the terminus which is indicated on that particular bus.

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Thank you Mona and Fred! That's all very helpful. Mona, my airline wasn't on the list, so I'll just go ahead and get a flex ticket. Also, it's good to know that 2 one-way tickets are the way to go.

Fred, I'm in Leipzig for 4 nights. I'm very interested in music and plan to hit all the music highlights there, but Colditz sounds very interesting too. Thanks for letting me know about it!

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Leipzig is famous for the Thomanerchor (St. Thomas Boys Choir of Leipzig). Probably the most famous cantor of the choir was Johann Sebastian Bach.
I think even if one is not a fan of this kind of music it would be amazing joining a concert in Leipzig's Thomas Church.

And Leipzig was playing a very important role in the German reunification:
The Peaceful Revolution - the Monday Demonstrations: Leipzig 1989
For sure worthwhile check out about that as well

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In Leipzig, don't forget to pop your head inside the St Nicholas Church (Nikolaikirche) and, I think it's worthwhile to make your way to the Russian Memorial Church (Russische Gedächtniskirche) for both the exterior and interior. Continuing the churches theme, St Peter's (Peterskirche) has a beautiful façade and is a worthwhile exploration.

Leipzig, one of my favourite cities in Germany

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Needless to say , with your interest in music , The Gewandhaus Orchestra wou;d be a must if there is anything on during your stay . One other site to consider is the Museum of Fine Arts . A great collection , and an absolute highlight is the large highly detailed sculpture of Beethoven by Max Klinger from 1902 . This was the centerpiece of the famous Vienna Secession Exhibition of that year which was accompanied by Klimt's Beethoven Frieze .

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Thanks everyone! So many great ideas! It makes me really excited to start my trip tomorrow! :)

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One interesting sight to have a look at when you get to Leipzig Hauptbahnhof is Platform 24 in the station - they usually have a selection of old German locos and carriages on display there.