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Train from Berlin to Dresden to Prague

What is the difference between the trains on and BAHN? Same trains? Found less expensive ticket on but not sure if that's the way to go. Any help appreciated.

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Ok Thank you. is a reseller? Booking on the Bahn site is direct booking?

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For some reason Thetrainline won't show me prices. No matter what station name I put in, it tells me it is invalid.

However, I can get prices from the Bahn. Make sure you are comparing the same class tickets. For the Eurocity (EC) train from Berlin to Prague via Dresden, the 2nd class fare, one way, is 67,60€/adult. If you purchase in advance, the discounted, non-refundable fare is as low as 29€/adult.

Also, if they are getting tickets from Czech Rail, the full fare tickets could be significantly less expensive than from the Bahn. Savings Fare Bahn tickets should still be the least expensive.

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Yes, booking on Bahn is direct (they actually operate the trains).

For those trains, you save a lot by advance booking (particularly if you are two or more traveling together), as long as you can commit to non-refundable tickets. You print out the tickets at home (it may say you need A4 paper, but 8.5 x 11 works fine). On the train when the conductor comes around, give them your printout along with the credit card used to purchase the ticket.

For this route, strongly consider getting seat reservations. Thanks to a tip on this forum, we did, and we were very glad. The train was quite full, and from Dresden to Berlin people were sitting on their luggage in the passageway. But we just found our reserved seats, stowed our luggage overhead, and settled in - for only €4 per person, and worth far more.

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According to the Czech Rail eShop, the price of a full fare, 2nd class ticket from Berlin to Prague is 812 Kc (about 30€ at today's exchange rate).

In 2012 I bought a ticket to Germany from Prague on the EC. The ticket was valid for any 2nd class car, same as a Bahn ticket, but about half the price.