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Train Connections

We will be travelling from the Rhine area to Rothenburg ob der Tauber on one of the days of our trip. When we get the tickets for this journey do we get just one ticket for the entire trip or do we have to get another one for the connections? According to DB Bahn there are 3 changes. Do we have to get a ticket for each connection or does it work similar to the airlines with everything included?

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wil and thom

when you ask:-

does it work similar to the airlines with everything included

what "everything" do you mean? Are you speaking of your luggage being checked all the way through to your destination? If that's it, nope, you tote what you brung without the assistance of another pair of hands... but what do you mean?

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Yes, you buy one ticket from your starting station to your end station. Sometimes you end up with more than one ticket for the different legs, but usually just one.

But, trains work nothing like planes, and stations are nothing like airports. Trains and stations are a lot simpler.
For trains, there is no check-in, no security checks, no nothing. You walk in off the street, buy a ticket if you haven't got one already, look at the departure board to find your train and walk straight to the correct platform.
It is your responsibility to get yourself and your luggage onto the train before it departs, nobody will check you are on the right train (you can always ask the staff or other travellers of course). Your ticket is only checked on board after the train has started.
When you change, you are responsible for getting you and your luggage off at the correct station, and finding your new train.
And you are responsible for getting off the train at your final destination.

And yes, there are plenty of cases of tourists getting on the wrong train and going in the wrong direction, or missing their stop because they weren't paying attention.

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Hi Nigel,

My apologies for not being clearer. What I meant by "everything" was all the connections.

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It's more than a short walk into town from where the local train drops you. I consider it walkable but others might consider it a hike, especially if there's a lot of luggage in tow or your lodging is far from where you enter the walled center.