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Train Confusion to Stuggart

We would like to visit the Porsche Museum in Stuggart but do not see much else that interest us and of course must make hard decisions. Time is very important as we try to fit the museum in between destinations, Koblenz and Nuremberg. I have conflicting information from two different websites. list no train under 3 hours most approaching 3.5 hours with transfers
Omio list 2.5 and actually one with no transfer and does not the red DB refer to Deutsche Bahn?

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The answer is the same as your previous question. Use DB’s own site and look at dates before Dec. However, schedules are likely to improve next year as some recent construction around Stuttgart is scheduled to end.

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Train from where? But, DB should know better than Omio, so if you get different information, trust DB. Also, which dates are you searching? If it is next year, DB might not have all trains in their database yet.

Also, the town is called Stuttgart

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Omio is a reseller -- a middle man between you and train companies for which it sales tickets. Deutsche Bahn is the national train company in Germany. I've used (the DB website) approximately 177 times, and it has never let me down. I have never used Omio.

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If you are using online searches please spell correctly.

It is important because we can assume - like on your other post of a few days ago - that when you write Stuggart you are referring to Stuttgart - at least I think you are - the computer which just does exactly as it is told and it doesn't always understand misspellings.

That's not a criticism, I just want you to be successful.

I didn't mention it the first time but now it looks like you may think it is that.

The car museum is the give away.

DB in red is often the logo of Deutsche Bahn, yes.

On which day and at what time is the 3rd party seller showing a faster time?

Are you finding that for the Koblenz leg or the Nuremberg leg? I've never used the 3rd party so I don't know how it works. I have found it extremely unusual for the DB to be wrong.

The fastest trains to Koblenz are ICE with a connection in Mannheim. The fastest no-change ones are IC.

It is my bedtime here so I will have to look at the Nuremberg leg tomorrow

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It used to be on the Bahn website that you had to spell the name of a destination exactly, or you didn't get the results you expected. When people spelled Füssen as Fussen, they got bus stops call Fussen Strasse in various towns, not the Bhf in Füssen. (Note the ü in Füssen; it's not the same letter as u, although ue was recognized as ü). The Bahn has since implemented what I call an "ignorance algorithm", which tries to figure out what you mean, not what you write. Still, I'm not sure even that algorithm can figure out "Stuggart".

I'm assuming from your OP that you're coming from Koblenz. I can find plenty of connections from Koblenz to Stuttgart in under 3 hours, for instance a 2H29 IC leaving Koblenz at 10:18. Or you can leave the IC in Mannheim for an ICE and get to Stuttgart 9 minutes sooner.

Added: I see that both DB and Omio correct "Stuggart" to Stuttgart Hbf.

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Gee, I am looking at and I see virtually a direct train every hour from Stuttgart to Nuremberg. IC trains in 2 hours and 11 minutes and RE trains in 2 hours and 25 minutes.

When is trip supposed to happen? You can only book about 6 months in advance on

For Koblenz to Stuttgart, I see direct IC trains taking 3 hours at 10:18, 12:18, 13:48, and 17:48.

If you want to go from Koblenz to Nuremberg, stopping for say 3 hours at the Porsche Museum, You can book it as a single ticket at Start Koblenz Hbf, End NUREMBERG, (all caps gives you any Nuremberg station), then click "Further Options" button and then at "Stopover" click "add intermediate stop. Then Neuwirtshaus (Porscheplatz) and the time you want there, say 3 hours. Click "search" and you got it.

Neuwirtshaus (Porscheplatz) is right at the Porsche Museum. Checking for Oct 29, leaving 7:00 am, I see start at 7:48 IC train to Mannheim, change to ICE train to Stuttgart Hbf, change to S-bahn to Porscheplatz, arriving at 12:28. Depart there at 15:31 on the S-bahn to Stuttgart Hbf and change to a direct IC train to Nuremberg Hbf arriving at 18:18. Savings Fare ticket for 2 (nonrefundable) is 59.80 EUR.

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If it is next year, DB might not have all trains in their database yet.

Actually, the new schedule has been up for a couple of days. The Bahn tries to get their schedule for the next year, starting the second Sunday in December, up about 2 months before the end of the current year.

Compare that to Italian Rail. I can remember years when the next years schedule for Trenitalia wasn't entirely "up" when the old schedule had already expired - that caused some confusion!

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One thing to consider if you are going to use a discounted, advance purchase, train specific ticket, is to specify a ticket that uses a long distance (express, ICE, or IC/EC) train to Stuttgart, but a regional train from Stuttgart to Nürnberg (assuming that is where you are ending the day's travel).

You do this on the Bahn website by, after specifying the starting and ending termini, clicking on change, then change other data, and specifying Stuttgart as the intermediate destination with some nominal time, like two hours (2:00). Then go to "Means of transport" and uncheck the first three boxes on the second row, Stuttgart to ??, leaving the nv box checked.

Doing this will force your ticket to specify a regional (Nahverkehr) train for the second half of your trip. Unlike the ICE, IC, or EC leg, on which the ticket is only valid for the train specified, the ticket for the second leg can be on any regional train that day, meaning you can leave earlier or later than the two hours as long as you catch a regional train to your final destination. Doing this will give you some flexibility as to how long you stay in Stuttgart. There are some REs between Stuttgart and Nürnberg that make the trip almost as fast as one of the long distance trains.

This is described, in German, under "Vor- und Nachlauf" in the Conditions of Carriage (AGB).

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There are afternoon direct RE trains from Stuttgart Hbf to Nuremberg at 13:00, 14:55, 16:57, 18:57, 20:57.

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And Lee’s response is why I love our forum! Experienced travelers helping travelers while also suggesting ways to save money and gain flexibility.

I can’t offer any additional helpful advice. I was in Stuttgart a few years ago, but it was a work trip, so I didn’t get the chance to tour the museum. My director had never been to Europe and wanted to ride the train from Frankfurt to Stuttgart. Unfortunately, he missed his flight from the US (stopped to eat lunch on the way to the airport!) so I was the one riding the train.