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Train at Frankfurt Airport

Upon arrival in Frankfurt International Airport I understand that the train station is located beneath the airport in the basement area. In order to get to the Rhine region would I take long distance trains or the regional trains? I noticed a youtube video shows signs for both and was not sure which sign to follow. I am thinking regional.

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Depends where on the Rhine you wish to go to. The Rhine starts in Switzerland and ends up in the North Sea near Rotterdam.
If you are talking about the Rhine Gorge between Bingen and Koblenz, that would be local trains. THere are two lines which follow the river on the two sides.
If you are going to Cologne or points north, or south to (for example) Karlsruhe that would be the long distance station.
The regional station is under the terminal. The long distance station is a short walk away across a bridge.

But, what you really need to do is decide where you are travelling to from Frankfurt and look up train times on
That will show you which of the two stations your train will depart from.

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If you look it up on it says there are two trains per hour, at xx:24 and xx:59 from Frankfurt(M) Flughafen Regionalbahnhof to St Goar. Takes between 1¼ and 1½ hours, requires one change, and costs €17.90.
There is no seat booking and no advance purchase discount, so you can just buy the ticket at the station when you get there and get on the next train.

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The airport has clear signage that shows you how to get the regional train station. Simply follow it and you will do fine. Two options for purchasing tickets. There are self-serve machines and there is also a reservation office at the top of the escalators that take you down to the regional train station.

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You will catch your regional train from track 3, which is located under terminal 1. Follow the signs to the Regional Train station.

Price for one person is 17.90 €.

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Technically, the regional station is not under the terminal, it's under the building across the access road from Terminal 1 at FRA. There is a tunnel under the access road with stairs and escalators coming up into the arrival hall of the terminal, so you can think of the access as being under Terminal 1, but not the station itself.