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Tours with hearing-assistance devices

My wife & I were on a tour in Israel last year in which the guide passed out hearing devices that allowed us to listen to him very clearly. We found that that makes a big difference, especially if the crowd is large enough such that one is not always near the tour guide when s/he is speaking.

We'll be in Germany in a month and are taking at least one Viator tour in Berlin, but I was wondering if folks' experiences is that these kinds of hearing devices are common on tours? We can ask Viator if this one provides them, but I was curious about tours in general, in Germany (well, be in Bavaria & Berlin for the most part). Thanks.

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You may not realize this but Viator is a 3rd party booker owned by Trip Advisor. They won’t be running your tour. If you look on the booking the name of the actual tour company should show under “more”. You can contact them directly to see if they provide whisper set listening devices.

They are expensive so if it’s a small company doing a walk or part of a day tour their overhead might not run to the whisperers.

If you’ve got other tours to book, I prefer to book directly with the company to save them the 20-25% charge from Viator.

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Speaking from experience here in Frankfurt, those whisper systems are very, very expensive and the only ones that can afford them are the cruise ships usually, as they can re-use them multiple times. I don't know any tour company that can afford them.
Best is to find a small tour group or a private tour so that you can hear. Book directly. All of the tours listed on Viator have the websites for the companies so that you can book directly. Save the companies from paying that high commission that Viator charges them.
Get Your Guide and Tours by Locals charge even higher commission fees.