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Tours of Porsche Factory

If anyone has experience with Porsche factory tours, I'd appreciate advice.

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Sue, do you mean self-guided tours or with a guide? We used to visit the Porsche museum last March with great success. Me and my wife do not like to take care of the things ourselves so we hired those guys Best German Tours | Germany Travel Vacation Packages 2019

They hired a person who met us in Stuttgart and transferred to the museum, along with helping with purchasing the ticket for us in advance. We tried to get tickets ourselves but were asked to provide credit card details by email which is not secure at all as you may think. That was it last year. Let me know if I want to try yourself, I might find the contacts if you like.

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Thanks for the responses. I think we'll go with the Stuttgart/Zuffenhausen option, both for convenience of location and the fact that the 911 is built there. Incidentally, whenever we are asked for credit card information, we simply call the place and give it over the phone. I agree that email is not secure enough.

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As MarkK stated, you'll need to contact Porsche directly for a tour. Provide your dates and the number of your party and your primary language. Tours are not always available.

If you're a Porsche fan, I recommend renting a Porsche for a half-day or day (or longer). Reservations may be made online and the vehicle is collected at the Porsche Museum.

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We visited in late March, we requested tickets via they will reply to your requests.
My husband is a porsche enthusiast and even I enjoyed the tour. It’s easy to get there just a few blocks from the train. Each tour gets full, make sure that you get your tickets for the tour.