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Tour of the Oktoberfest

We are planning a trip to Munich Sept 30 and I noticed there is a tour of the Oktoberfest offering a tour of the grounds, ferris wheel ride and seats in the Hofbrahaus tent - Has anyone ever done this? It seemed like a good idea but I wanted to check it out first. Any other suggestions would be appreciated. I have been there but it was many, many years ago and we did go on our own but going with a guide now seemed like a better idea. We have our room already reserved. Thanks for any input. We got lots of helpful suggestions from this forum on our last trip and really appreciate every suggestion.

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I see that Sept 30 is family day. Reduced ride prices noon to 6 pm. I don't know what the tour price is. I've never needed a guide to help me drink beer. Getting a seat in one of the tents should not be a problem during the day.

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It sounds like a scam. I'm sure there's companies that do legitimately offer it, but really, Oktoberfest is just a state fair with big restaurant tents. Maybe if they offer a historical talk or something really unique about the tour would I tell you to consider it. If you just would like to walk around see the sights, see the parade, have a meal in a tent (any tent is awesome!), then do not pay for a tour.

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What is the name of the company offering this special deal? Information like that is always helpful for us to know.

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Yes, please post more information about the tour.

I think a quality tour of Oktoberfest might be worth it. There is a lot more than going on than just people drinking in tents. A quality tour would include a history of the festival and the Theresienwiese, the history of attractions like the Teufelsrad and Hexenschaukel, and some information about some of the more famous tents.

Are the seat reservations for the tent in the afternoon or the evening? How much are they charging?

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Thank you all for your comments. The more I think about it - I think you are right, we can manage on our own. The tour was Radius Tours and Bike Rentals they offered a tour of the grounds - ferris wheel ride - seat in one of the largest tents - 2 litres of beer and roast chicken. It does seem pricey at 95 euros. Munich Tours has one also as does Viator Tours. After thinking, I believe it is a waste of money. I just got carried away.....we are excited to be going to Germany again. Thanks again for your comments.