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Tour Guide for Esslingen/Stuttgart

Hello Friends,

My husband and I visited Stuttgart in May 2023 and took a fantastic private tour of Stuttgart and Esslingen with Sarah Dealy (Stuttgart Steps). Sarah was perfect for us and I recommend her highly.

We will be back in Stuttgart for business in April 2024 and would like to take work colleagues on a similar tour of Esslingen one afternoon. The group size would likely be about 20 people. I have tried to reach out to Sarah and inquire if she would be interested, however, she hasn't responded to my emails and I'm thinking she has relocated back to the States as she indicated would be happening.

Do any of you have a recommendation for another tour guide I could contact with a tour of Stuttgart/Esslingen (or just Esslingen) in English? Thanks in advance for any referrals.


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Found a guy named Tom on Tours By Locals. There is enough info there to find his private website, which has a price for an Esslingen tour that is about half the price of that on the Tours by Locals website. I don't know him, but the reviews I can find are good. This, by the way, is how I typically find guides -- check the TBL website and then try to track them to their private website which is usually much cheaper (TBL takes a large finder's fee that gets passed on to the customer).

His company's website:

His company's Facebook:

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Thanks Dave for that helpful advice. I'll check out Tom's website.

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By the way... I enjoyed my tours of Stuttgart Christmas markets and Esslingen with Sarah, too!