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TomTom GPS in Germany and France

We will be driving in Germany June 2-23 2022 and I wanted to see if anyone has brought there own TomTom Go Supreme to Germany for GPS.

Thanks for your comments.

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Can't speak to the TomTom, but have used my Garmin for several trips with great (mostly) success. Last couple of trips have tended more to Google Maps which also works well. Neither is always perfect.

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Used my TomTom in Italy for a week. Only once did it have an 'issue'. This was years ago. Suspect things have gotten better over time

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This isn't directly addressing the query, but TomToms and Garmin GPS units are superfluous these days with GoogleMaps and European data plans for your cellphone. Using the mantra that "less is more," I think that it is easier to use your cellphone to its full capability rather than packing different devices for different purposes. When I was driving in Italy in 2019, my GoogleMaps directions were better than the GPS system installed in the car. Just my 2 cts.

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I live in Europe and use my TomTom often when we take a driving vacation. I use the TomTom MyDrive program set up on my laptop to coordinate our trip, add "must see's," hotels, and even lay out the day-to-day route. The ability to do all this on a computer and then download the info to your GPS is great and makes trip planning far easier. Our TomTom does have both USA and European maps.

Granted, because we have Dutch phones with unlimited data in-county (and 21 GB per month in other EU countries), I do prefer my phone when walking in-town (a lot easier to carry around!). I suppose it depends on how detailed you want to be in trip planning and optimizing the usage of your TomTom.

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I vote for Google Maps on your cell phone. You can also use it to walk from Point A to Point B wherever you want to walk if you have cell service. You want to walk, let's say, from the Alcazar to a carmen restaurant in a twisty, windy, uphill, around a corner location? It'll get you there and all you have to do is hold it in your hand.
Doesn't weigh much and takes up no room. Before Google Maps on smart phones, we rented a gps from the car rental we used in Dublin to drive to Waterville. It did not contain the latest M road and messed us up, royally! It was highly inaccurate.

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Can’t speak to TomTom, but my Garmin works fine for the most part. I do use downloaded Google maps to get me to those small, off the wall, and off the beaten path places not on my Garmin. Downloaded maps do not require any data or overseas plan. Just put you phone in airplane mode and it becomes a GPS.

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I want to thank all for the great suggestions. I have my cell phone which we plan to use and I'll use Google maps and also - I found that is pretty good with downloaded/- no cell service or internet needed. I'll have to practice to see how it works with turn by turn

Be safe everyone and keep on traveling!

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I have a TomTom Go Premium X purchased in Germany with unlimited Euro map updates. I also purchase the speed cam updates. Not sure if/what frequency differences are between US and EU. Maybe an enquiry to TomTom? The "Real Time" updates and rerouting are great for STAU. I actually prefer the TomTom over my BMW car NAVI.