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Time to transfer through Munich without a through ticket

I’ve got a travel question I was hoping someone could help me out with.
We’re flying to Marseille thru Munich initially from the US and trying to find out how much time we would need to connect? The flights are purchased separately, therefore not a through ticket. We arrive in Munich at 9 am on a Saturday and are trying to decide whether to book the 1125 am flight or 325 pm flight to Marseille. We’re trying to figure out the custom situation and how much time we would need. Obviously, we’d rather take the earlier flight. Any info on this would be much appreciated.

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It really depends on whether or not you have checked baggage. Much easier if you do not. That said, you would need to go through immigration in Munich no matter what type of ticket you have and you would go through customs in Marseille.

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Take a possible flight delay into consideration when making your decision. Because the tickets are booked separately, if your first flight is delayed, the carrier has no obligation to help you out if you miss your second flight.

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Who is the 2nd flight with? Some airlines close boarding 30 minutes prior to departure. Add in time if you have to deal with checked bags and clearing security and the time shrinks dramatically if looking at the 1125 flight.

Do you want to worry about making the transfer from now until whenever it is you travel, or just resign yourself to a longer than ideal layover? That is a quality of life issue only you can answer.