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Tier to Offenburg, Offenburg to Muttenwald

We are 3 adults traveling with a car the end of July. We are having a hard time deciding where to stay and how long. Where it would be good to stay for 2 days and where just 1. We are staying 2 nights in Boppard to start. We are thinking - 1 night in Tier and then heading to Offenburg for 2 nights (we are looking up ancestors here) Then 2 nights in Mittenwald. What are we missing? Where should we skip, or stay longer or shorter?? Where would be better places to stay along the way? We will then go to Munich and Salzburg. Any tips would be appreciated.

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If you reverse the last 2 places so you wind up in Munich, then you can drop the car off so there is no expensive cross-country drop fee. And you don't need a car in Munich as public transportation is very good. .. of course this assumes you rented the car in Germany and that Munich will be your final stop... Have a good trip!!!

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A one-night stay in a small town can be adequate, especially if you arrive early. If you drive all day and arrive at dinner time, then two nights will allow you to relax and really see the next town. You're including a few towns that Rick doesn't cover but I assume you have other reasons for choosing them.

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Just because Rick doesn't cover them there is NO reason to assume that they are not worthy and require "some other reason to visit them". What an unfortunate choice of phrase.

Surely the OP mentioning that they are looking up ancestors there is sufficient.

And, despite being left out of the book, it is a very pleasant area, midway between Gengenbach (not in the book either despite being a very well situated walled town with all sorts of attractions including bachle just like in Freiburg im Breisgau) and Strasbourg (which he does mention).