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Tickets for 6 persons on

I am trying to get 6 tickets Amsterdam to Cologne on 22 June,2014. I finally got a price of 149 when trying on the 23rd. But after receiving a message in German and applying for the tickets I was advised they were not available. Should I keep trying to get 6 or would it be better to get 4 and then 2?Thanks in advance.

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I'm sure someone can help with I'm giving it a little boost before it gets lost to this world ;-)

Of course, this may be a moot point by now...

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Well, your original post was almost two weeks ago, so perhaps the problem was simply that the tickets weren't yet released for sale? In the interim, have you tried again? If you're still getting the same message, can you copy and paste it?

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Thanks for the help. I managed to get 4 tickets at a reduced price but when trying to get the other 2 the same day they raised the price to double. Im going to wait and hope they come back down

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There is an allotted number of discount fare tickets at each price level. If you wait, the price will only go up.

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Tim is right, the price will not come back down.