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Ticket prices for local Rhine trains

The DB Bahn site does the provide the fare for the local transport to and from the towns. Does anyone know roughly how much a single ticket costs to get from St. Goar-Moselkern and St. Goahausen-Braubach? I am trying to create a day to day budget of the trip.

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The VRM transit authority sells these local tickets.
There's a fare finder but you will likely have some trouble using it:

To reach Braubach you ferry across and take the train north. PHOTO of St. Goar ferry

It's €4.65 each for St. Goarshausen to Braubach by train. Same price back. The ferry across the river from St. Goar costs €1.70 each. That's about €25 if you add them all up. But you'll do better with the VRM MINI-Group ticket at €21.80 a day pass which covers both boat and train both ways. Use the same day pass for reaching Moselkern and Cochem. A 3-day pass is available as well for the same price as 2 tickets. Buy all day passes from a ticket machine at St. Goar station (on the platform there.)

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For simplicity, stay in St. Goar or Boppard. Bacharach is just outside the Verkehrverbund Rhein-Mosel, so in addition to the VRM Tageskarte (day ticket), you'll need individual tickets every day to Oberwesel from Bacharach.

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Hi Lee,

We are saying St. Goar. It seems to be a convenient location for a number of things: Rheinfels Castle, ferry to St. Goarhausen, etc.