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Three days in Venice

We're going to be in Venice in early June and have our hotel in Castello? We aren't sure if we will need the travel card.We will be arriving by train and would like to ho visit Murano Burano if we have time.Can we walk to most places?

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Your trip to Burano will take two €7 single tickets (there and back) and if you stop in Murano depending on the times you will need one or two more, just for that day. Which vaporetto stop is your hotel nearest to? How will you get your luggage from the train and back to it?

You have to do the math. The passes get cheaper per additional day, so just take the cost for the time you will be there and divide by 7 - that will be the break even point for the card. Although you can walk all over the main islands you will often find that the vaporetto is very helpful and fun.

A dawn or sunset ride on the Grand Canal is special. That's one or 2 more tickets.

Edit: now I see that you will be there 3 days. The 72 hour card is €35 so after 5 single ticket rides you are even and at 6 you are ahead using the card.

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Just a little note: Venice is in Italy not in Germany. But I am sure you know it.

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Thanks for the advice.We will purchase the card! Sounds like the best deal! And thanks to Illa I thought I was on the Italian site!