Three days in rothenburg

We are planning to make rothenburg as a base for a three day visit along the romantic road before moving on to dresden, all by car. What would you suggest to maximize our time along this stretch? Thanks in advance for any advice!

Posted by stephen
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In Rothenburg my favorite attractions are the wall, the Crime museum, and St. Jacob's church. Detwang, just down the hill has another carved altar as does nearby Creglingen. For somewhere different, you might go to the Altmuhl Valley and it's main city of Eichstatt.

Posted by sylrob
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Thanks for the reply. Would you have suggestions for the best day trips out of Rothenburg?

Posted by Martin
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The RR is just a regular road that connects some preserved towns between Frankfurt, the biggest airport of the country, and Munich, until reunification the touristically most important city. It simply made sense to create this theme road to promote places between the two big cities. But "romantic" towns like this exist almost everywhere in the country, there is no need to follow the RR if you don't travel between Munich and Frankfurt. From RodT you could also see Schwäbisch Hall for instance, which is a very cute town. Or follow the valley of the Tauber river, which offers several small "romantic" towns. Or do a day trip to Bamberg. Close to Bamberg is Vierzehnheiligen Abbey, a stunning Rococo church, and Weißenstein palace in Pommersfelfen, the seat of the Prince-Bishops of Bamberg.
And on your way to Dresden I highly recommend to stop at Kriebstein castle, which is near Chemnitz and close to the Autobahn. This is a real castle, not a fake one like Neuschwanstein, and not a rebuilt one like most on the Rhine river, with preserved rooms from the early 15th century.

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Glad you got some more ideas. Of course, Rick's Germany book gives brief descriptions of some other towns in the RR area, as well as info about visiting Wurzburg's Residenz Palace, chapel, and gardens (with parking nearby).

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While in Rothenburg, don't miss the Night Watchman's Tour, it is the most enjoyable history lesson you will ever have. While Rothenburg is very touristy during the day, it takes on a whole different atmosphere after the day trippers leave ...kind of like going back-in time. Also take a day trip south to Dinkelsbuhl, it's worth seeing. The old center of Michelstadt is very interesting, the town hall is one of a kind although and while it is a two hour drive, it is also very pretty country. Have a great time and try some cake and coffee at the Cafe Uhl.

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Thanks for your suggestions. We are planning on the Nightwatchman tour as i've read a number of places that's it good!

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I've posted this before but still think it should be considered: If you want to get away a little, the Tauber river valley (north) is nice for a drive. About 10-15 km north of Rothenburg across the Tauber from Tauberzell is the Keltisches Oppidum Finsterlohr (Celtic Iron Age settlement). The small town of Burgstall is right in the middle. Not a lot there to see, but some of the wall has been rebuilt and it is a 2000 year old site. Quiet after the tourists in Rothenburg:

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Thanks for the suggestion. Looks quite interesting! Looking forward to our Germany trip.

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You are only about an hour from Nuremberg, which has an interesting walkable old town. The Nazi Documentation Center is a superb museum, only about 15 minutes from the center of town. Be sure to try some Nürnberger Brats from an outdoor kiosk while you're there.

Posted by Bob
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I lived in Rothenburg for 4 months while studying German language at the Goethe Institute there and also worked for 3 years in Altdorf bei Nurnberg so I know the area quite well. We return to Germany every few years (this July included) and always make a stop in Rothenburg for a day or 2 on our way from Frankfurt airport to Altdorf. I still see my billets from the time I lived in Rothenburg. I can't really add to all of the above suggestions, they are mostly what I would recommend and more. You might want to make the climb up the Rathaus Tower on the main square. Enter through the front doors on the square. Bit of a tricky climb but the view is worth it.
Going shopping in Nurnberg on Saturday was always accompanied by my weekly fill of Nurnberger Bratwurst on a bun and a beer from a street vendor - simply the best. My son is a butcher here in Richmond now and he is hooked on them as well.
Enjoy yourself!