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Things to see and do in Wurzberg

Will be landing in Stuttgart and was considering visiting Wurzberg. Would be interested in input of what to see and places to stay. Will stay overnight and than take train to Rottenberg ob der Tauber.

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I spent a day (2 nights) in Würzburg and during that day I visited the Marienberg Fortress across the river from downtown and the Residenz. I enjoyed the Fortress. I thought the Residenz was a monument to overindulgence.

Rothenburg ob der Tauber. There are towns called Rottenburg.

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I lived in Wurzburg and here are my thoughts. Do visit Prince Bishop's Residence. It is spectacular. Be sure to see the Hofkirche on one end of the Residenze. Easy to miss if you are not looking for it. The Marienberg Fortress is ok but if time is tight skip it. The view of it from the town is more impressive that the view of the town from the fortress. A stroll along the river is neat walk and so is a visit to St. Kilian's Dom. If you are there on market day do go. Try a Wurzburger Wurst (sausage on a bun) from one of the vendors. Great street food. In route to W'burg you might want to do a quick stop in Heidelberg and check out the castle. You should be able to google all of these and see what you think.

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I suggest more than just one night.

In Würzburg, Market Square is a nice place to hang out - several streetside cafes, often some vendors. (If you go into Kaufhof department store, the top-floor Dinea cafeteria has a cool wall of windows overlooking the square and the town - nice spot for Kaffee and Kuchen.)

In addition to all the suggestions made above... there are 2 easy and excellent day trips you can make:

1.) The walled town of Iphofen, 25 minutes from W'burg by train but worth a much longer trip - gorgeous buildings, a wine lover's and artists' Mecca (scroll for PHOTOS)
Train route to Iphofen. See Kitzingen on the way too.

2.) Ochsenfurt and Marktbreit, neighbor towns on the Main River. Both have train stations and are within 25 minutes from W'burg.
Ochsenfurt town wall
Ochsenfurt, half-timbered buildings
Marktbreit scene
Marktbreit, town hall

VIDEO, Marktbreit and Ochsenfurt

IMHO... Iphofen, Ochsenfurt and Marktbreit, are still REAL German towns that rely on much more than tourism for their livelihood and are more interesting for this reason. In these towns most of the people are normal German-speaking folks going about their lives. In Rothenburg, a town of overnighting tourists and English-speaking shopkeepers, the only game in town is tourism. R'burg is on all the tour-bus itineraries; streets are flooded with camera-toting sightseers and trinkets... even Rick himself acknowledges its decline: "Today its barns are hotels, its livestock are tourists, and Rothenburg is well on its way to becoming a medieval theme park."

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I best enjoy a walk to the fortress and its museum devoted to the local area. My wife likes the Residenz best.

There are some wonderful views of the town across the river, either from the castle or the Käppele.

BTW Rothenburg's streets and views of the Tauber Valley still have charm for us. Good hotels and good places to eat. It is busy midday in tourist season.