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Therme - Sauna Etiquette


My life partner and I are planning our dream German vacation. We wish to take Everton g in, including the Therme.

We know it’s mixed and clothes free. And when in Rome.

My question is are there certain grooming standards (down there) that we should trim or remove. Or is it really ok to come as you are regardless of how big or small your body and their parts are ?

As a typical American, I’m not familiar with public settings with no clothes.

And also is there any tips on proper etiquette?

Thanks and hope I’m not to forward.


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Hi Brenda,

Therme’s in Germany are very relaxing, excellent for the mind, body and spirit.

And to use a modern buzz word they are also “safe spaces”. Where one can rejuvenate, free from judgement and stares.

Yes, some a take a slight look/peek, we’re all curious humans. But never stare or laugh.

Best is to bring one or two towels, and a robe. Ensure you sit on your towel in the sauna. No staring. You can wrap yourself in a robe or towel between saunas, pools, showers, etc.

And down there is private and don’t think it’s best for a message board, you do you.


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As an American living in Germany, I always found the spas a bit uncomfortable. It helped to toss one end of a towel over my shoulder and drape it across my front when moving around the spa.

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I don't know which spas you guys go to :-) but the ones I go to at least one has to wear a bathing suit/swimming trunks outside the sauna. OK in the sauna of course not.

When I walk around I usually wear a fluffy bathrobe or wrap myself in a towel. Not because I don't want anyone to see me in a bathing suit, but because it's so cozy.

I know of course there are spas where you swim naked but I've never been there. If I had to guess, I'd say most spas in Germany require bathing suits.

But on the subject of being stared at I can add something. In Germany there is a large fan base for skinny-dipping on the beaches. There are specially marked areas on the beaches. And from my own experience I know that absolutely no one cares how everyone else looks without clothes.

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It depends on where you go re: suit or birthday suit.

There are no grooming standards other than being clean. Shave, don't shave, wear something, don't--it's just a body. Some look one way, some look another way. No need to stare because there really isn't anything to see; we all have body parts. If it's clean, it's fine.