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Therme Erding - Cost Estimate?

Has anyone been to Therme Erding (outside of Munich) that can help me decipher this? I'd like to have access to basically all the water features there but don't care about accessing saunas/massage/non-pool & slide features.

I can't seem to figure out the website to know whether the water slide section and some pools tied into that are ticketed seperately from the sauna pools and where to find an option to just let me by all pools/slides. Anyone been that can help shed light on this?

Also, we will probably do the 6 hour stint - does anyone know if that means they'll kick me out then or would it be ok to eat and/or use the locker rooms/showers after the 6 hour mark?

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Therme Erding is quite something. I haven't been in years, but skimmed the website to look at the tickets, and it seems to line up with what I remember.

There are three ticket levels:
- The most basic (Therme und Erlebnisbad), which gives you access to the basic pools as well as the wavepool and slides
- The middle level (VitalOase und Wellness), which gives you access to all of the above, plus one of the sauna areas--the less elaborate of them, and also the 'textil' one, i.e., the one where you wear a swimming costume.
- The most expensive ticket (VitalTherme & Saunen), which gives you access to all of the above, as well as the more elaborate sauna area. Note: this one is textilfrei, i.e. nude.

Also, you have to pay a surcharge for weekends and holiday days, so don't forget to add that into your pricing.

About the 6hr thing, I don't recall, but I think you should plan on being out of the site at the end of your 6hr, not eating or in the showers. That is the way the baths near me work, at least, and is I think common. That said, they won't kick you out (at least at any one I've been to), but you will need to pay a surcharge upon leaving for the extra time.

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Therme Erding is one of my all time fav therme. My last visit there was in 2019, only the plague kept me away last year. The summary just above is exactly as I have experienced.

Once you have paid you enter a turnstile similar to an rfid ski lift and your time starts. Inside the paid area are the changing rooms, the showers, and the water. You need to budget time for changing and showering before the water, and on the way out time for showering, maybe hair washing, and dressing before you leave the paid area. Food and drink is available inside - even in the sauna area where you are not dressed you must have a towel between you and the surfaces in the saunas, and you should have a robe or towel for the food service.

If you overstay your turnstile will register the amount due and the cash person will ask you for the excess. I've never needed it so haven't noticed at Erding, but the usual custom is 1,5€ to 2€ per excess half hour or part.

There are machines and shops outside, before you go in or after you leave, for food, buying towels or robes, suits, goggles, etc. Last time I had a nice slice of Leberkäse before going in...

more Qs?

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Thank you both! Incredibly helpful!
On the tickets front - thank you for the confirmation it keeps layering the options on - that is exactly what I could not figure out. :) I was not sure if I had to buy multiple tickets or if they just kept "upgrading" to add more options.
And very helpful to know re: how they track your time in there so we can plan appropriately.

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Have you discovered the "First Visit" FAQ which should answer more of your questions, including that your rfid coin will accept additional purchases through the day. I didn't mention it, but the rfid coin fits in a kind of watch strap which you wear, and it also works the lockers. You also may have noticed that if you click on the German flag in the upper right corner of the webpage you can change language to English, although some pages will be missing and revert to German.

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Thank you! I think I finally managed to get the English option to stay on now so that's helping. :) Appreciate all the info and tips!