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The Romantic Road

Hi I am looking at walking the Romantic Road using buses when necessary and catching the old steam train obviously not walking beside the roadways but hoping to find some connecting walks between towns.
Does anyone know of any walking trail maps or guides in English i could use to help me with planning?
Any advice would be gratefully taken in.

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The Romantic Road is not some sort of a pilgrimage, like Camino De Santiago. It's just a collection of towns linked together for tourism purposes by German Tourism.

Some of the towns along the Road (like Landsberg, Nördlingen, Rothenburg, Bad Mergentheim, and Würzburg) are worthwhile destinations on their own merit, but the road itself is nothing special.

In 2007, just to prove wrong the "experts" who said you had to have a car to do the Romantic Road, I did it using only public transportation. There is a bus line, the Romantic Road Coach, that does it in less than a day, but they spend most of the time on the Road, and not much time in the towns. I did it the opposite way, often spending most of my time in one or two towns per day and only a few hours a day going between towns.

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It's been a long time, but I've walked from Bad Windsheim to RodT. Didn't use a map, but pretty much followed the route: Illesheim, Bergbernheim, Nordendorf, Schweinsdorf, Rothenberg. It's fairly flat. The stretch from Illesheim to Bergbernheim is parallel to the main road, then you take a secondary road to Nordendorf. Then you pretty much have a straight shot into RodT. I wouldn't recommend walking the rails; the trains come fast and they are very hard to hear until way too close.

If you have Google maps on your phone you can use that.

You may want to contact the Volksmarch clubs in that area.