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Tegernsee Fussen

I have been reading about ticks in this area of Germany. We will be going late September/Early October. Is this a real concern? What areas do we avoid? Thanks!

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I have lived in Texas and Louisiana and seen my share of ticks. Got them on me visiting Kentucky and Florida. I've lived in Germany over 20 years (Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria and Hessen), visited Tirol and Südtirol many times and have yet to see a tick (Zecken). Maybe I have been lucky? I got the three injections (over a six month period) against local tick-borne Encephalitis (FSME) years ago just in case. If you are concerned I recommend you take the normal precautions again tics.

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Ticks are common here, it is a real concern for any wooded areas. Just take the same precautions you would anywhere - if you're going to be doing any hiking where you'll be brushing up against plants and trees, wear clothing that covers your limbs and use a good insect repellent, and check yourself after hiking.