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Taking train from Zurich to Konstanz Germany.

Our flight lands at 7:45 pm in Zurich at the end of 18 hour flight and layover time. We need to take a train to Konstanz which may be 1-1/2 hours and wondering if we should stay in Zurich or continue on to our hotel that night? I see the cost of everything in Switzerland is so much higher than Germany.

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I think I would go on to Konstanz. According to the German Rail website there are two train connections from the airport, one direct in 1hr 6min, one in 1hr 15min with one change, every hour. It takes about 11 minutes to get into Zürich anyway, and your hotel in Zürich is likely to be farther from the station than in small Konstanz.

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The connecting trains depart the airport until about 11 p.m., if you miss the direct one. If you want to compare a hotel in Zurich, try this one, across the river from the central train station:

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Go direct to Konstanz. Although it is in Germany (just!), it is served by Swiss Railways. Konstanz station is divided into two parts, one belonging to SBB (Swiss Federal Railways), and the other to DB (German Railways). Zürich airport to Konstanz is a Swiss train - not an international train.

Times and prices are on
As the previous poster said, the last train leaves "Zürich Flughafen* station for Konstanz at 23:18. Up to then there are 2 trains per hour, journey time 1 to 1¼ hours, cost (single full fare 2nd class) CHF 28.

  • Land 19:45. Get off plane, passport control, pick up luggage and go through customs, worst case 1 hour - latest 20:45
  • Follow signs "Bahn / Railway". Buy ticket, worst case ½ hour - latest 21:15. Plenty of time.
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While in Konstanz, you'll want to visit the Habour and walk around the statue of 'Imperia'.