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Suggestions for scenic route between Baden-Baden and Schwangau


Any suggestions for a scenic route between these two places? We don't mind taking the day to meander as we will be sleeping in Schwangau!

Thanks in advance!

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From Baden-Baden, take RE 20515 at 9:25 (becomes IRE 5315 at Offenburg) to Singen, on Bodensee. This train goes through the Black Forest along the Schwarzwald Bahn from Hausach to Triberg. Then take two regional trains along the north coast of Bodensee (change in Friedrichshafen) to Lindau. From Lindau go to Füssen (15:54) with a change in Kaufbeuren. Take the bus from Füssen Bhf to Schwangau. About 6½ hours without any stops.

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I don't know the scenery in the Black Forest well enough to recommend a route. But after you come out the eastern side...

...unfortunately, the overall scenery of the Swabian plateau (roughly, the territory bounded just north of Stuttgart to the Bodensee to the south, and between the A81 and A7 Autobahns west to east) isn't terribly interesting, except perhaps if you meander along the northern shore of the Bodensee. If you take the Bodensee route, at least stop at Lindau.

Now, even though the scenery isn't interesting, that doesn't mean there aren't plenty of cool sites and towns you can visit along the way. Some suggestions:

Burg Hohenzollern

Schloss Sigmaringen

Burg Lichtenstein


Biberach an der Riß- something about this town really impressed me when I drove through a few years ago, but I don't remember what it was.

Ochsenhausen Abbey

The walled city of Memmlingen

Ottobeuren Abbey

The scenery generally starts getting more interesting around Memmlingen. This is usually around where you can get your first good glimpses of the Alps, depending on the weather.

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OK, if you are driving, I would recommend a different route. Although there is a road paralleling the Schwarzwaldbahn, a winding road with steep drop-offs in inconsistent with looking at scenery.

Instead, drive though the northern black forest to Pforzheim, visiting several towns in the nothern Black Forest (Freudenstadt, Calw, on the Nagold, home of Hermann Hesse and lots of Fachwerk buildings, Hirsau, and the spa town of Bad Liebenzell) on the way. Then go to Stuttgart where you can see more Fachwerk buildings in nearby Herrenberg. Then go to the university town of Tübingen. Follow that with a trip to the Hohenzollern castle at Hechingen (see link above). You might want to stop and see the remaining wall at Kaufbeuren before proceeding to Füssen.

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Thanks for the info. I will research this and will opt out of the road with the steep drop offs inconsistant with sightseeing! :)