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Students in for FREE?

Another question...

I noticed on some of the palace/castle websites it says this:

"Children and young people under 18, children at secondary schools and further education colleges are admitted free of charge, on production of their pupil identity card (or other document proving attendance at the relevant school). Students at language schools and adult education centres are not admitted free of charge."

My daughter is 20 and a college student with an ID card from her university. Does she qualify for free entrance?

Thanks in advance!

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No. Must have a student card from a program resident in the EU. Both of my daughters' spent either a semester or a year in University programs and used the card while traveling

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Sometimes, if you're attending a US school program in Europe, the school will arrange for an ID that is valid. But you have to be attending a program in Europe.


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It never hurts to ask nicely. At the Greek Theater in Taormina, there was no listing at the ticket booth for student reductions (EU resident or otherwise). An American woman behind me showed her student ID and asked, and she got a discount. And she was substantially older than 20 .