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Street Map of Munich

Besides the insert in RS guidebook, is there anywhere online that I can print a good street map of Munich. Thanks!

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You can try something like Planetware, but the scale is going to such that it's useless and unreadable. Plus the paper won't hold up.

Cough up the five or ten bucks for a Streetwise. It should have most of the stuff of interest and it's indestructible and folds to fit a pocket or purse.

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Just Google the street address of whatever you are looking for. You can get a street view or a map. Print it out.

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I will use google maps and zoom into a decent level and print out areas and make a collage for my homework.

if i can find a decent Bosch map (their laminated and i can use/remove markers) then i will get one.

as far as using something there, i will wait until i get there and find something local.

i just bought a smart phone for this trip, so i will be using it to see how well it works or not.

happy trails.

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I agree with Ed, I love my Streetwise maps, have several.