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space a to ramstein then to eidelweiss???

What is the best mode of transport to get to Eidelweiss Resort from Ramstein? Trying to determine if this is doable with 5 kids in tow! We would be flying Space A. Any comments/suggestions welcome.

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A couple questions in return:

If Cat 6, where in the heck are you leaving from?

If Cat 6, how the heck do you even think you'll get seats?

If you're active duty you can rent cars over at the hotel/BX complex, if not you have to get one out in town. There's flyers in the terminal at the first desk you'd see as you'd come in the main door. Minivans are available both ways. It's about six hours of driving to get down to Garmisch.

Second-hand train info. There's a station out in town, but the more frequent ones pass through K-town. There's a bus. (Minivan taxis are right outside the terminal. This is first-hand knowledge. )

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More semi-scoop:

K-town = Kaiserslautern.

SOFA is the reason for difference in car places.

SOFA also won't let you buy anything in the BX complex, including the convenience store, but you can eat in the food court.

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4 posts husband is active duty so i believe we would be category 4 (active duty on leave w/dependents). Not sure if i want to say where leaving from cause it's kinda new and under the radar but leaving from Tennessee Air National Guard Base in Memphis then to Andrews then McGuire then Ramstein. Of course seats aren't guaranteed as with all Space A. I guess your response means it is dumb to even try it. Just seemed like a pretty good opportunity for us--chances are we would never be able to afford to fly to Germany commercially. Anyway, thanks!

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Oops! Make that Category 2 ( i think) and what is SOFA? Also, why did you assume Category 6? I have only done Space A a few times and never with children or overseas so I don't know everything that you seem to so i appreciate all your knowledge!

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SOFA is status of forces agreement. It states what the military can do in a host country. For Germany, retirees can't buy anything they can carry from px, commissary, etc.

You could probably make it. Cat6 is old retired farts. It dried up for us three or four years ago to the point that it's not worth even trying. Before that, Charleston had six or ten flights a day headed toward Europe, the DC area another dozen, etc. Worst case was you had to wait an hour or two for the next plane.

Remember that you have to go through the priority sort for seats at each intermediate stop - - once you start doesn't mean you'll keep moving without pause.
Sources of info:

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I realize you're a bit far from the DC area, but you can get a Space-A flight from BWI to Ramstein using chartered commercial jets. They generally leave on Fridays or Saturdays. Several of my friends have used it and had no trouble. Generally there are many more seats available on the way there than back, though. Good luck!