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Southwestern Germany Recommendations

Hello. I have not booked flights yet but am close to pulling the trigger on flights to/from Frankfurt for August. I am interested in seeing sights near-ish to the Rhine. I am not necessarily interested in Frankfurt but had in mind to travel south to Colmar and Strasbourg. I'm seeing mixed reviews on Baden-Baden. I would love Rothenburg but believe it might be a tad out of the way. I am open to day trips from Frankfurt, but wondering if there are any sights/towns on the German side near Colmar and/or Strasbourg? I am open to wineries, scenic/quaint villages, castles; husband loves history and beer. This would probably be about an 8 or 9 day trip. I don't necessarily need to see everything but would love a taste of some of what Germany has to offer in the region southwest of Frankfurt.

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We flew into Frankfurt as it was ideal for our trip to the Mosel region. We stayed near Cochem. Burg Eltz was the highlight of our trip hands down. We also went to Marksburg Castle. Day tripped to Trier and Bernkastel-Kues. We spent 4 nights in the area and had an absolutely wonderful time. Along the Rhine are more castles than you can imagine.

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Gengenbach is a cute walled town on the east side of the Rhine opposite Alsace.
Burg Hohenzollern near Hechingen on the opposite side of the Black Forest from Gengenbach is a prime example of a restored castle. Ancestral home of the Hohenzollern family and the Kings of Prussia and Emperors of Germany is pretty amazing. Must have made Mad King Ludwig of Bavaria jealous, so he built Neuschwanstein.

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We just returned from Germany a few weeks ago, and had a great trip. Perhaps you may find a few suggestions in my trip report posted above.

Have you considered flying open jaw, into Munich and out of Frankfurt, perhaps, or reverse? Can't say enough positives about Rothenburg, Colmar, and Strasbourg, so have a wonderful adventure!

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I am interested in seeing sights near-ish to the Rhine. I am not necessarily interested in Frankfurt... I am open to day trips from Frankfurt...

The Upper Middle Rhine Valley is the essential part of the Rhine River. If you have the choice, go with 2 or more days there. A day trip from Frankfurt is weak option, best only for those whose motive for visiting is to say that they've been there without lying.

Boppard is a nice town with lots of sleeping, dining, wining, and beering options.


Boppard's Heilig Grab Weingarten

Gedeonseck restaurant, a short walk from the top of Boppard's chairlift ride

View of the Upper Middle Rhine Valley near St. Goar

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3 days Rhine, 3 days Gengenbach ( day trips to Strasburg, Colmar ) , 2 days Rothenburg.. Pretty much what I have done in the past

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I loved Gengenbach - I spent 4 nights there in mid-May and could easily have stayed longer. I did a day trip to Strasbourg, which was only around 30 minutes away (which I also loved). It was relatively easy to get other places and the Open Air Vogtsbauernhof museum is well worth a visit.

From there, I went to Boppard for 3 nights and did a day trip to Burg Eltz, which was incredible. And of course a Rhine cruise. That whole area is beautiful yet so relaxing and laid back. It was absolutely wonderful!