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Southern Germany Itinerary

We are looking for recommendations and suggestion and potential changes to our itinerary through southern Germany. We will arrive by our Toyota 4Runner in the late afternoon of 7 Sept. -- we will spend the night at the airport where we are dropping off friends to catch a morning flight. We will have begun this phase of our drive around the world in Budapest, Hungary on 22 August. From Hungary to Bosnia to Montenegro to Croatia to Slovenia to Austria to Munich, Germany.

8 Sept. -- Munich; rest day
9 - 11 Sept. -- explore Munich
12 Sept -- by way of Regensburg to Nuremberg
13 Sept -- Nuremberg
14 Sept -- Nuremberg
15 Sept -- by way of Wurzburg to Rothenburg ob der Tauber
16 Sept -- by way of Maulbronn Monastery Complex & Caves and Ice Age Art in Swablan Jura to Bad Wildbad
17 Sept -- by way of Kinzig and Gutach Vallies to Freiburg
18 Sept -- cable car to Schauinsland peak and walk back to Freiburg
19 Sept -- Freiburg: rest day
20 Sept -- drive/hike Wutachschlucht & return to Freiburg
21 Sept -- by way of Lake Constance (drive north shore) & Reichenau Island drive to Fussen
22 Sept -- by way of Hohenschwangau Castle & Wieskirche Church drive to Oberammergau
23 Sept -- explore Schloss Neuschwanstein Castle return to Oberammergau
24 Sept -- day drive to Garmisch - Partnkirchen and Zugspitze; return to Oberammergau
25 Sept -- by way of Prien & Chiemsce for birding; drive on to Salzburg
26 Sept -- explore Salzburg
27 Sept -- rest day
28 Sept -- day trip to Eagle's Nest and return to Salzburg
29 Sept -- drive to Italy

We are two Americans age 67/70 who enjoy the outdoors and are birders, we enjoy art museums & culture in general, botanical gardens and travel is our hobby. Left 28 May 2016 for Japan, picked up 4Runner in Australia & drove country for 5.5 months, flew to Indonesia, flew to Singapore & picked up 4runner, drove to Malaysia, flew to Cambodia, flew to Malaysia, flew to Calcutta and picked up 4runner and drove India/Nepal/India for 6 months, flew to Italy & picked up 4Runner, returned to U.S. for 2017 holiday season, Jan. 24, 2018 flew to London, flew to Italy, April took car ferry to Tunisia for 16 days & return to Palermo, drove to Slovenia, drove to Croatia, drove to Bosnia, drove to Hungary, flew to U.S. in mid-June 2018, fly to Budapest on 21 August. Typically stay in Airbnb or apartments with kitchens and for one night stays mid-range hotels.

Look forward to your comments on our itinerary and potential adds or deletes to our travels. Always looking for good food and good beds.

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we will spend the night at the airport

You might consider staying in a nearby town like Freising or Erding. Freising is
more pittoresque but Erding has a really good spa.

12 Sep: I'd add a stop in Landshut

15 sep: take the route through the Tauber valley and see Bad Mergentheim and / or
Weikersheim and the stunning Riemenschneider altar in Creglingen

13 Sep: suggestions for a walking tour here.

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Your Freiburg - Füssen drive on 9/21 means 5 hours on the road, right? You didn't mention Insel Mainau, attractive Meersburg or Meersburg Castle, or the Zeppelin Museum, or Lindau. Then there's scenic Oberstdorf, which lengthens the list of nice places you are bypassing. So I thought I'd mention these places in the event that breaking up your drive to Tourist Central (Füssen) with some sort of overnight stay makes sense to you. You might in fact make Lake Constance a multi-night stay... On the 20th, your drive to the Wutachschlucht takes you nearly to the west end of Lake Constance. So to avoid backtracking to Freiburg just to sleep there again, I'd suggest either an overnight nearby in pretty Löffingen or driving on to a Lake Constance base town.

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I agree with Russ and slowing down to see some of the beautiful and interesting sights along the northern and eastern shores of Lake Constance (Bodensee). We just returned from another stay in this region and for my sister in law, an avid birder, a highlight for her was to see nesting storks in a couple of towns near Überlingen. If you haven’t already seen storks in Hungary or someplace else on your multiple year journey, this would be an easy drive to see a village with about 20 storks before they migrate for the winter.

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sla019 -- 12 Sept. am looking into Landshut; 13 Sept. have already planned (but didn't note) a walking tour in Nuremberg; 15 Sept. will follow your recommendation

Russ -- will add a day & stop on our drive between Freiburg to Fussen; like your idea on leaving F. and continuing to gorge and then finding a place to stay Note: packing up and moving on is a pain and therefore we have been trying to make various towns/cities base stops but as you noted it shouldn't be at the expense of back tracking

Mona -- have seen many species of storks but will check out the area you have noted and if these storks are a species we have seen we will go to

Thanks and looking forward to more comments, recommendations, etc.

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Russ or others: A recommendation for a base town for Lake Constance if we don't spend the night in Loffingen after driving to and hiking in Wutachschlucht?

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How long does it take to walk/see Meersburg Castle or the Zeppelin Museum? Would like to stop for both.

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You can check the driving distance and time but my favorite towns in order along the eastern shore of the lake are Überlingen, Meersburg and Lindau. The storks are 4km from lovely Überlingen. You can stroll around Meersburg and the old or new castle/palace in 2-3 hours. Friedrickshafen as a town doesn’t do anything for me but you can easily spend 2+ hours at the fascinating museum. Traffic can be slow on sunny weekend days along certain stretches of the lake.

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Tripadvisor suggests 2-3 hours in the Zeppelin museum. I don't remember how long I spent there myself.


The places I suggested are somewhat spread out so I suggest you identify the ones you are most likely to visit and look for geographic proximity and availability when you do your hotel search. If it's only Meersburg and the Zeppelin museum I'd look for a room at Meersburg first as it's the more attractive town. Then again you're only allocating one night, right, so as long as you find a room that meets your needs and a place to park your wheels...

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I believe I have included everyone's recommendations into a less preliminary itinerary:

12 Sept. – leave Munich & drive by way of Landshut: gothic architecture and Regensburg (UNESCO) to Nuremburg
15 Sept – by way of Wurzburg – stop for Residenz (UNESCO) and Weikersheim and Creglingen: Riemenschneider altar at Herrgottskirche Church -- drive to Rothenburg ob der Tauber & explore
17 Sept – by way of High Road/Triberg Waterfall/German Clock Museum drive to Freiburg
20 Sept – drive and hike Wutachschlucht (gorge) for hike and drive on to Loffingen for night or on to Meersburg for the night
21 Sept – drive to Fussen by way of Lake Constance (drive northern shore) and then Zeppelin Museum and explore (drive is The Alpine Road)

Thank you very much for your insights and recommendations.

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Traffic can be slow on sunny weekend days along certain stretches of the lake.

Please note that traffic on the B31 is always very dense even on workdays. That's all the more true this summer as there are no good alternative routes because those are full of construction sites. Last week it took me over an hour to drive from Tettnang to Salem instead of the forecast 35 min.

BTW, accommodation in the hinterland of the lake is generally cheaper. Therefore I'd include in the search places like Salem, Markdorf and Tettnang.

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Sla019 we were in Tettnang last Sunday. Did you do the Hopwanderweg? Love that area.

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@ Mona
We didn't walk at all since the heat was too oppressive for our taste. Our main objective was to see the "Carmen" at the Bregenz festival and to wander a bit around to visit some less known nice places such als Heiligenberg or Pfullendorf. We stayed in a small old fashioned pension outside of Tettnang in a tiny hamlet at small lake Muttelsee. Glad that you liked the region.