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Sixt Car Rental.... How Does It Compare to Avis?

For this trip I am looking at car rental companies such as Auto Europe, Europe Car, and Sixt; I'm finding that they are running cheaper than Avis and Hertz. I'm currently looking at booking with Sixt but had never heard of them before. Are they reputable? Are their rental agreements similar to other companies? I'm also taking the advice of some forum posters who suggest to rent from a location OTHER than the airport or train station; this will shave off $8 per day on our rental. It does mean, though that we will have to either walk to the car rental place or take a taxi. I'm a little nervous because the great we are getting is a 'pay it now' rate and I don't want to discover I've made a mistake and perhaps should have gone with the old standbys of Avis and Hertz.

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I rented once from Sixt and had no problems whatsoever. They are a German outfit and are moving gradually into the States, mainly in Florida and the southeast. I have heard others report they can be sticky on damage to the car. I carefully documented any dings on the car I rented, but nobody even looked at it when I returned it. I actually rented through Orbitz and got a better price than direct from their website. And it was an airport location.

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I first saw the Sixt name in Munich last summer. Then I just saw a Sixt rental counter this past weekend at Phoenix Sky Harbor, Arizona, so they must be making inroads here.

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Sixt is a totally legit German car rental company. I have used them many times. They are like the German version of Hertz or Avis.

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Sixt is my go-to company when I occassionally need to rent a car in Europe. I've found their service is excellent. They even sent a representative to deliver me a car after-hours at a small airport in northern Sweden.

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Sixt is the largest car rental company in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It's market leader and they've got the best fleet of brand-new German-built cars. Their service definitely definitely beats Avis and Hertz in these countries - and unlike the big American ones they've got stations even in smaller towns, all across the three countries.

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Hi Alexandra,
We rented from Sixt in Ireland. The rental experience was the same as with any of the other reputable companies. The car was fine. The only problem came turning it in at the Belfast airport. They had moved without any signs pointing the way to the new location. I had to go into one of the other company's offices and ask where they were. When I found them, no one was in the office. We waited a while, and a man drove up. He was the only person in the office, and he also was responsible for delivering people to the airport from the office. We were glad we were not on a strict time schedule. But, small problems like that can happen with any of the companies.
BTW, Auto Europe is not a car rental company. It is a consolidator located in Maine. They can find good deals for you and make the reservation with the rental company. They only use reputable companies. I use them for many of my rentals in Europe. If you use them, be sure to call. They can often find better deals that you see online. A lot of people also use and specifically a man at that company named Andy.( I'm assuming this trip is for Germany since it was posted there.)
Europcar (all one word, leave off the e) IS a car rental company. It is also a good company. Those 2 names can easily be confused.
If you choose a location other than an airport, keep in mind what type of traffic, etc. you may encounter. Airports tend to be easy to leave and find regardless of the size city. We wandered around for a long time last summer looking for the train station location to turn in an Avis car last summer in Quimper, France. When we found them, they were closed, even though they were supposed to be open. Eventually a man showed up, and it all worked out. He was having to man 2 locations by himself, so he would go back and forth. Again, we were glad not to be in a rush.
Have a great trip.

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Rented twice now from Sixt since they had better prices for the rentals we wanted, have also arranged a rental thru Auto Europe before. Experience with Sixt was exactly the same as renting from any other car company.

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I was looking at Sixt in Vienna because I wanted to pick up a car at the Westbahnhof and they are the only one I can find that has an office in that location. We normally use AutoEurope or Gemut.