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SIM card at Frankfurt Airport

The last discussion of this topic I found was a few years ago.

My wife will be in Europe (Germany, Italy, France) for business for 3 weeks. Because of work she will need calling service. She will be spending the first night of the trip in Frankfurt and she would like to buy a SIM card at the airport. Does anyone have a recommendation based on experience? She knows she will have to give a German address and proof of identity.
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I can't help with the Frankfurt airport, but if she can wait until she gets into town, SIM card are available at many places. I was in Munich recently and they were being sold at every little corner shop. There are "handy" stores that sell them and even ALDI has them. She will need her passport and some took about 20 minutes for the guys to fill out the paperwork when we bought them.

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If she can wait, she should wait until she's in Frankfurt proper where they'll likely be better deals on offer, especially if she requires data with a SIM.

If she must have a SIM before leaving Frankfurt airport, there's a Vodafone/Ortel/Telefonica-O2 shop in Arrivals hall B in Terminal 1; I'm not sure what's available in Terminal 2. I've done business with the shop in Terminal1 on two recent trips (Nov 2021, May 2022) and they've been just fine, as I don't require any data. With passport in hand, I provided a temporary German address; the staff installed the SMS immediately and helped check that everything was working before I departed the shop.

Whether she shops at the airport or in the city, please ensure before payment that the staff help her right then and there to install the SIM card and that everything is in working order with a test text/SMS or call.

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Do I understand correctly that I need a German address to get a SIM card? I’m in Germany/Austria/Switzerland for 3 weeks and was planning on getting a local SIM card for the duration of our trip, after we land in Frankfurt.