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Shipping Wine to the US from Cochem

Anyone have any experience with this topic. If so, who do I need to contact once I am there and what are approximate costs?

Thanks in advance for any information.

John Mielke

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You can calculate the cost on the website of DHL once you know the dimensions and weight of the shipping. DHL is a German company, subsidiary of the German Postal Service and they've got offices even in smaller towns all across the country. So it will be easy to get your package posted.

You'd need to know package sizes and weight in metric units of course. An average box of wine containing 6 bottles weighs 8kg. A DHL Box up to 10kg from Germany to the US is EUR 45.99. A Box up to 20kg is EUR 68.99.

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Your profile gives no clue what state you will be in. Each state has different laws. There are also Customs considerations. You would do well to research those before you buy the wine and try to get it shipped. You may also find that the winery will ship it for you, and you may be able to get the VAT back (I forget the German abbreviation for the VAT - mswt, is that right?) which may about equal the shipping. You may also be able to find the same or very similar wines at home without shipping hassles.

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Many states do not allow wine (or alcohol) to be shipped to you. Many carriers do not ship alcohol that you give them (I'm not sure about DHL but Fed Ex and UPS generally do not). Many wineries do not ship to the US.

So the answer to your question is where do you live? And will the winery that you visit ship? And if not, can you find a carrier that will ship it for you? And even if you did ship it yourself, the cost would be far more than buying similar wine in the US.

The other possibility is to bring it home yourself in your checked bag. You can buy special wine bottle bags that will offer some protection in case the bottle breaks. Your bag must be checked due to limitations on liquids in carry-ons. And if you bring more than is allowed duty free, you must declare it to US Customs or face confiscation and fines. Many people wrongly think they can only bring 1-2 bottles but actually you can bring any reasonable amount (for personal use) as long as you declare it. If they do charge a duty (sometimes they don't bother), it is relatively minimal cost.