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Segway Tour in Nuremberg

Has anyone ever done the Segway tour in Nuremberg? I was wondering what people thought as opposed to the walking tour in RS book to get oriented to the city and see the major sites for first time in the city.

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The walk up to the castle is pretty steep over cobblestones. I have no idea if Segway is capable of that.

Main sights for us is the interiors of three churches. Do you just leave them parked outside?

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Have you done a segway tour before and can you manage it ? No reason you can't do both and usually the longer the tour, the better. The walking tours give more absorption I think..
For me the highlights of Nuremberg were the Rally grounds, the Documentation center, Courtroom and the old town. ( and stopping for famous Nur. sausages!) all of which can't rush through.
The one in Brugges took us places we would have never seen otherwise, and did it easily, sparing our feet for a couple of hours. Hope you do it!