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Seeking Travel Accommodation Recommendations for Germany

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I am an American citizen and son of a German citizen mother. I recently learned my mother was hospitalized and had been thought likely to pass away. She was instead recently discharged from the hospital and is now back at her customary senior residence.

There is much I do not know about my mother's life and my mother's family in Germany. Though I have traveled to Germany many times and can speak the language I still feel like there is a whole world I would like to open up to me. Therefore, and despite the world during the COVID era, I am planning a trip to Germany in late July 2021. I intend to be in country for a few months so I can see my mother, my mother's family and do some traveling. My mother lives in the vicinity of Duesseldorf/Essen/Dortmund.

I have a history of a disability; I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2016. I have other health considerations as well. I am therefore seeking recommendations for a COVID safe (as possible) accommodation both in the vicinity of where my mother lives as well as in the Heidelberg/Stuttgart/Freiburg area of southwest Germany.

I would greatly appreciate any assistance you can provide me.

Thank you in advance for your consideration!

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people are always discouraged here from putting personal details, Twitter handles or email addresses in their post. There are plenty of scammers who haunt this area unfortunately.

I am happy for your mother's reprieve and your undoubted relief. How impossibly hard it must have been.

Do you hold a German passport or other EU passport in addition to your US one? Or do you have a visa?

If not you will be governed by the Schengen treaty limit which is no more than 90 days in any 180, counting both arrival and departure days (or any portion).

In the before times a run up to England (or other non-Schengen country) for 90 days would allow you to return to Germany for another 90, but these are strange times and England is not a good fix anymore.

Do you have that issue taken care of?

I'm sure that my suggestion of a place to stay in Deidesheim would be too far. I wonder if your mother's facility has guest rooms? A lot of German senior facilities have part of the facility given over to hotel type accommodation.

I hope this works out well for you...

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For accommodations, have a look at The filters will help find places that meet your needs. Use Google maps to locate hotels, etc close to where you need to be. Check out their COVID protocols on their websites.

You say you want to be in Germany for " a few" months. Are you aware of the 90 day (not 3 months) Schengen restriction?

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Your mother's residential facility may have a list of nearby hotels/apartments even if they do not have "guest room" accommodations available.

Assuming you are fully vaccinated against COVID and carry/use a mask as needed, then most places should be about the same in terms of COVID safety.