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Schlosshotel - Kronberg

We will be on a Scandinavian cruise for 12 days and Amsterdam for four days then
on to Germany...we see Berlin on the cruise...

Thinking about spending three nights at this hotel in the first week of September is there enough
to do in the area and has anyone played golf? We will be coming from "Auf Schoenburg" after
staying in the castle for two nights and exploring the Middle Rhine....

1. Are these two similar or different enough ....we love castles
2. What is the best way to get there!
3. Can you suggest anything else unique to do, not museums or anything like that
do you have Treehouses or any different two days...

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Kronberg is lovely. The hotel was built by Queen Victorias daughter and they used it recently in the movie about Princess Diana. Eisonhower lived here when he was overseeing the occupation from his headquarters in Frankfurt.

The town is great to walk around in, visit the small Staufen Castle, the Johannes Church, and wander around the quaint streets. Nearby is Hessen Park Open Air museum, which is sort of like a German Williamsburg, but 1800-1900 era. Not a museum, but a collection of over a 100 buildings that have been moved here from all over Hessen, including 2 Synagogues, several churches and 2 windmills.
Close to this is the Saalburg, a reconstructed Roman fort. One of a kind and fascinating if you like Roman stuff.
Take a ride into Frankfurt and go sightseeing there. The train only takes 20 min. or so. Other near-by towns to visit would be Bad Homburg with the only original palace from the Kaiser, and the beautiful Redeemer Church.

These 2 events are happening the first week of Sept. Recommend going to both of them.
Frankfurt Rheingau Fest – 30.08-08.09 (wine fest on the Fressgasse)
Bad Homburg Lantern Fest – 1-4.09

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Sorry I didn't see this timely. We have stayed there, it's expensive but attractive. We don't play golf. Because it's a high luxury hotel, you can book their black cars to take you to the (offsite) gym, or to the S-Bahn station, car was free a few years ago. We had a rental car, and went to two or three towns a day. We returned the car before departure and did a Frankfurt day (by S-Bahn) the day before departure. Although we had flashlights and walked back to the hotel from the night S-Bahn, I DO NOT recommend that to average tourists. It's too far and not enough sidewalks.

So we chose the hotel as a car-trip base, with access to Frankfurt for one day. We picked a rental company that had an office two stations away on the S-Bahn.

I found the Saalberg fort to be a great "school outing" but not as satisfying as an adult. For hikers, the UNESCO "Roman Limes" remnants might be just as satisfying and more fun.

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I don't play golf but I will agree that Kronberg is a really nice area. So are its neighbouring towns in each direction, Königstein im Taunus and Oberursel (where I am at the moment). For me there is plenty to do for a week in the area.

I haven't seen any treehouses here, but I wasn't looking, to be honest. We don't get many requests for them. I think yours may be the first in maybe 10 years here. I'll keep an eye out tomorrow and if I spot any or get word of any I'll post my results.