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Will be in Berlin for 2 days. Any thoughts on Sachsenhausen concentration camp? Thanks

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Not quite sure what you mean other than is it worth going to? I would say yes. It isn't far from Berlin, and because the Soviets used it after the war, many of the original buildings are still standing.

We found the exhibits to be well done, displayed in a meaningful way. We went on an Insider Tour and the guide told us lots of back ground history as well as personal stories from internees during the train trip going there and coming back to Berlin. So, this wasn't just a boring train ride, it was filled with interesting anecdotes. You could tell she was passionate about relating these stories and the history of this dreadful camp. I know some people like to go on their own, using audio guides or just wandering around, but I did find that being able to get historical insight into this time period was important. My daughter who was 17 at the time and in German school also found the tour insightful and interesting.

For those that have more time, going to Ravensbruck, which was the womens' camp, is also recommended.

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If you want to see a concentration camp, you should certainly go to Sachsenhausen when you are in Berlin. However, with only two days, you may want to see other things, and there's nothing wrong with that. Berlin has many days' worth of top sights.

When I went in 1999, Sachsenhausen was very sparsely visited, which left a lot of space to reflect and process emotions. When I went to Auschwitz last year, I was on the mandatory tour and it was very crowded. I learned much more at Auschwitz, but I felt much more at Sachsenhausen. Two very worthwhile experiences, but very different.