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RV-ing in Europe

Hello: My husband and I want to plan a 3 month trip RV ing all over Europe. Best way to do that? Ho to rent a vehicle? We are RV owners in the States, so have experience, but realize it is different in Europe camping with RV, driving narrow roads, etc.

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Reset your expectations and don't think that it will be anything like it is in North America. The vehicles will be smaller and road narrower and traffic in general worse.

And when you say "all over Europe", it is a bit hard to give specific advice, but you might need to rent different vehicles.

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Be careful with your timing and your itinerary. Nearly all of western and central Europe (but not Ireland or the United Kingdom) is part of the Schengen Zone. If you will be traveling on a non-EU passport, you are limited to 90 days inside the Schengen Zone within any 180-day period. Your arrival day and departure day both count. Three months would be more than 90 days unless one of those months is February, and it's always important to allow a bit of slack in case your return flight gets canceled and you need to rebook one or more days later.

Going over the 90-day limit can mean a significant fine and being banned from returning to any of the Schengen countries for years.