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Rustica Restaurant Bacharach

My wife and I ate at this charming little restaurant in Bacharach while staying there last month we were staying in a house just up the street. While dining at the Rustica, I had a really good slightly sweet Rose Wine that is produced in Bacharach and like a dummy I didn't ask the name of it. I would like to know, I have not found a website for the Rustica to ask Astrid the owner the name of the wine. Any help out there including Rick's staff.

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Their website is .... Hope this helps.

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It is also on Facebook. I asked her a question on Facebook and she answered very promptly.

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Hello Laura and Stephen;

Thanks for each of your replies; Coincidentally I'm driving to PA this fall going to Bedford, where my family originally settled in the 1750s then to Lebanon to distant cousins' Candy Shop; Wertz Candies. Then on to Chester for the annual Ventures Fan Jam.
Enroute to my dad's in Kansas I will probably go through Colorado also on the same trip. Thanks for the website, I saw facebook info but I do not do facebook.