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Rules for Regional Day Tickets on trains

Rules for using the Regional Day Tickets in Germany [Länder-Tickets] say they can be used from 9am on Mon-Fri. Does this mean that you cannot use it to ride on a train that leaves at 8:58am? Realizing the importance of rules in Germany, I'm guessing that the rule applies to the time the train leaves the station where you board--and not to the time when the tickets are checked.

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If the train leaves at 8:58, you are in violation, but there may be ways around this. For instance. there is an 8:55 Meridian train from Munich Hbf to Salzburg. Although you can't ride that one with a Bayern Ticket, you can buy a single ride S-bahn ticket to Munich Ostbahnhof. The train leaves the Ostbahnhof at 9:05, so now it is OK for a Bayern ticket. So look at buying a ticket to as far as the train goes to get to 9 am, then the laender ticket kicks in.

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Sam's advice sounds like your best bet, if you'd rather not depart an hour later.

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I think Sam's response might have been vague.

You don't have to take the S-Bahn to Ost to catch the regional train to Salzburg at 9:06. With the MVV 1 zone ticket, at 2,60€, you can board any train to Ostbahnhof, including the RE that leaves the Hbf at 8:55. At Ost, you don't change trains, just tickets.

Going the other direction, to Füssen, the RE that leaves the Hbf at 8:53, gets to Pasing at 8:59 and leaves at 9:00. Same thing. You can buy an MVV ticket to Pasing at 2,60€ and get on the RE at the Hbf. At Pasing, you don't change trains, just tickets.