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Rothenburg Visit - Parking

I have been looking at a Google Map overhead view of Rothenburg and it appears that there is a large parking area to the north of the walled area on Bezoldweg, another to the east off of Schweinsdorfer Strasse and another to the south off of Nordlinger Strasse (sorry I don't know how to make am umlaut on an American keyboard).

The lot closest to the center of town seems to be the parking area to the north, but I thought I would ask if anyone has experience with parking at Rothenburg and might have a recommendation.


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I don't know how to make am umlaut on an American keyboard

If you really care, there are several ways to get the umlauted letters on a PC..

Copy and paste from the Character map. (Start > Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Character map)

Hold down the alt key and type the following on the numeric keyboard:

  • ä 0228

  • ö 0246

  • ü 0252

  • ß 0223

Capitals 32 less

But, a following 'e' can be substituted for the umlaut - Noerdlingen for Nördlingen (the German Rail website recognizes this). There is historic significance for the oe, since ö was originally written in Sütterlin (old German handwritting) script as the letter with a superscript 'e', which looked a little like o", u", etc.

On a pad fauxboard, I think you just press and hold the letter key, and it will "scroll" through the possibilities around that letter.

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Just go for the lot immediately outside of Würzburger Tor (on the ast side). The entire Altstadt is within a walkable distance. As long as you park just outside the wall, the rest doesn''t really matter. You'll see the signs directing you where to go

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Thanks all.

Sounds like the East Lot it is.