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We will spend 2 nites in Rothenburg this May (Tuesday and Wed).
We are historians, staying at the Eisenhut and will travel by car.

Any hints or recommendations will be appreciated.

We will take the Watchman tour - I believe this does NOT require a reservation; is that true?
Do you know of other tours in this town?
Where would we look for organ music or music in general?
What restaurants might you recommend (brk, lunch, dinner)
Can you recommend a good pub?

We will attend the English Conversation Club on Wed nite. Is there a good restaurant near there or should we plan to eat at Mario's?

What else should we know before joining this club?

Thanks for your help.

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Yes you just show up for the Night watchman tour.

Definitely book Zur Holl for dinner one night. Cash only, reservations a must and so good!!! The crime and punishment museum is excellent and not to be rushed through. Take time to walk the walls and wander the parks.

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Also, we had a very mediocre meal at Michelangelo. Food was good, but the service was very pretentious and not worthy of it, FWIW.

We did have a great lunch at Gasthof Goldener Greifen.

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There is an English informational town tour that starts in front of City Hall, around 1 or 2pm daily, if memory holds. I say informational because the wonderful Night Watchman tour is entertaining.
I love this town. Do walk the town walls, and spend an evening and a morning in the Castle Gardens, where everything should be in bloom.
We found a great Chinese restaurant by the Plonhein, if you're interested in non-German food.

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Rothenburg is one of our few tourist stops that allows us easy access to walks in the country. We like to leave the town by walking pass Plönlein to the right downhill through the Köbol Zeller Tor. There are vineyards and a couple small communities to visit.

We also like to walk to the small village of Detwang to see the Riemenschneider's altar in the Sts. Peter and Paul Church. Best ask the Tourist Office for directions and to see the current hours it can be visited.

I also like to visit the Reichstadtmuseum for its historical content. As an amateur painter, I best like the dozen or so paintings from an art colony that lived in Rothenburg before it became such a tourist destination.

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I would recommend dinner at the Romantik Hotel Markusturm. It was excellent. We ate there two nights in a row. It was that good. You will definitely need a reservation.

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Do not miss seeing the 500 yr old wood carved alter masterpiece in St. Jacobs church. This alter is up some steps in the back of the church. Truly magnificent to see in person.

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We just left Rothenburg yesterday. We can also recommend Zur Holl for dinner. We went to both the Crime & Punishment museum and the city museum. Walked the walls, the Castle garden and escaped the walls to wander the bucolic countryside and visit the Topper house ( you can see this odd house from the castle garden). There is also a Craftsman house you can go inside for a few euros, it is over 800 years old.

St. Jakobs church did not have any concerts going on while we were there, but you can ask the person collecting euros to visit the altar piece, inside the church.

Rick Steves has a good and free walking tour of the town on his audio guide app.