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ROSENHEIM- between munich and salzburg

Any thoughts on this little city. Looking for a place between Munich and Salzburg for one night. Looks slow paced and lovely.

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Slow paced and lovely are about right. There's nothing particularly special about Rosenheim. It's typical of southern Bavaria... which isn't a bad thing.

However, Rosenheim has at least one notable claim to fame. Die Rosenheim Cops, a long-running police procedural TV show, takes place here. Just try to get the theme music out of your head...

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Rosenheim has a webpage at It's in German only.

Here are a few key words:
Tourismus is tourism,
Unterkunftsverzeichnis is list of accommodations,
Übernachten is overnight,
Bilder is pictures.

If you select Unterkunftsverzeichnis, it will show you the accommodations in town with prices shown. You can fill out the kontaktformular (contact form) or click details, and it will show the webpage for the property, if they have one.

Rosenheim is a rail hub. The lines from Munich to Innsbruck and Salzburg split here. It's very close to Prien a Chiemsee, with boat access to Herrenchiemsee, one of Ludwigs palaces. Another line goes off towards Holzkirchen, with additional lines from Holzkirchen to Bad Tölz, Tegernsee, and Kochelsee. Near Rosenheim on that line is Bad Aibling and a spa (Therme).

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Rosenheim is a sleepy modern town. If you have a car, you could consider also Grassau or Aschau, smaller country towns that have more character.

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Both Grassau and Aschau are readily accessible by public transportation, Aschau by rail, change in Prien or by direct bus, Grassau by bus from Prien. I've been to both and didn't needed a car.

A really great side trip would be to take bus 9505 from Prien about an hour to Reit im Winkl.

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Not terrible much exciting happening in Rosenheim itself. However, the Herbstfest (Fall Festival) in early September for two weeks is fantastic. Much more authentic beer festival, maybe 1/10 the size of Oktoberfest. Totally worth it, much more traditional, you won't hear much English spoken there at all, mostly filled with Bavarians and Tiroleans.