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Romantic road hotels

My fiancee and I would like to rent a car and drive the romantic road in Germany for our honeymoon this July. We imagine traveling the route pretty leisurely, taking time in places we like and bypassing others as we feel moved. My question is this; can we count on being able to find hotel rooms in the little towns along the route? Do we need to plan an exact itinerary and book all rooms ahead of time or do we have some leeway?

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Depending on the time of year, you should be able to find hotel rooms in the little towns along the route, but at what price?

There are others traveling on this route, and they are booking ahead. If they find a nice place at a good rate, they don't say, "I think I'll save this for someone who books at the last minute." They book the best rooms, and you get what's left.

The other issue is, how do you find your room? Do you go to the Tourist Information Office and get the next place on their list, regardless of whether it's the least expensive or fits your requirements, or do you just randomly cruise around town, looking for the next "Zimmer Frei" sign, and hope a more economical place isn't the next street over.