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Roman Catholic Church Question/Munich

We are going to be in Munich this weekend (3/15-17). In the US, there are Roman Catholic Masses celebrated on Saturday evening as well as on Sundays. Does anyone know if Munich has the same custom? Appreciate any feedback. Thank you.

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Frauenkirche, the major church in downtown Munich, the one in Marienplatz with the two green cupolas, has a website with schedule infomation (in German). It looks like they have an evening mass every Saturday evening at 1730 (5:30 PM).

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For some countries, I've had good luck with the website It would be worth checking.

For small towns, I've often had surprisingly good results checking diocesan websites.

I've not traveled in Germany, although I have traveled in other parts of northern Europe, and I found it very easy to just walk by churches and find masses at convenient times.

Enjoy your trip!