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Rhine Valley or Black Forest? (Late OCT)

Headed to Germany in mid october (10/14-21), staying in Heidelberg for 3 days. We have one day already planned in/around Heidelberg, and planning another day for a spa day in Baden-Baden en route to Munich, but one open day in the middle.

Given the time of year, which destination is a more feasible day trip, Rhine River or Black Forest? We have a German Rail pass, so not worried about transport, just want to pack the most into this extra day.

Love this forum, thank you for your feedback!

Posted by Mona
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If it's a sunny fall day, I'd prefer a day on the Rhine to see the fall progression of grapevine colors on the hills. In California the grape harvest has just started. It takes a couple of months for the vines to turn fall colors before they are hand pruned back. I just love the Rhine views, water, hills, vineyards, castles, towns and trains. The Black Forest to me doesn't have as much that's visually stimulating but maybe that's just me.

Posted by jonericschmidt OP
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Thanks for the reply- is there a good resource to check out to make the most out of this day trip?

Thank you!

Posted by Ms. Jo
Frankfurt, Germany
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Trip Advisor has 100's of posts about how to do a day trip like this. Train info, ship info, castle info, etc. The info in the RS book is a bit lacking, to be honest.