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Rhine River Cruises

Has anyone ever taken one of the 3,4,5 or even 7 night Rhine cruises? We have been to that area before but will be traveling with my older father next year and I think he would really enjoy something like that. I can't find any reviews on the main company that keeps coming up Viking River Cruises has some options but I was really looking for something shorter then 7 nights. Im open to suggestions though.

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Have you checked out the website - Cruise Critics? Here you will find honest reviews of all the different companies offering Rhine cruises.

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I have checked cruise critic. They have reviews for Viking but I couldn't find any on Euro River Cruises.

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We took the Elegant Elbe river cruise with Viking in April of this year and it was fantastic. There is nothing Viking could have done to have made it any more enjoyable, well organized and educational. This is only the second organized group we have toured with having taken a Panama Canal/Costa Rica tour with National Geographic/Lindblad last spring. Up until this point, since 2001, we have always traveled on our own making all of our own arrangements and schedule. The trade off, as you know, traveling with a group is you lose your flexibility but if you are traveling with a group Viking does a wonderful job with their river cruises. In the future we have decided to do a mix of the two depending on our destination but really want to stay away from the "herd" mentality of the larger cruise ships. There may come a time when the only way we can travel is with an organized tour but until then this is our strategy. I hope this helps!

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I am leaving in the morning for a Rhone River cruise with AMA Waterways. I have been on the Danube River Cruise with them for the Christmas Markets in Dec. 2015.

I like Ama

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Have not used any but looked at into it a lot. Vantage and Avalon have good reviews. I was advised to look carefully at the cost of optional excursions versus what is included.

I could be wrong, but it looks like eurorivercruises is a third party re-seller of cruises on multiple lines (i.e., a travel agent), not a cruise line in itself, hence no reviews.

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We traveled on Viking's Rhine River seven-night cruise (Basel to Amsterdam) in December 2015 with my parents, who are both in their 80's. This was our second Viking cruise together; I have NO criticisms! The size (under 200 passengers) is perfect; tours were conducted in groups small enough so that one could ask questions of the guides without feeling their time was being monopolized. All guides were local, so they knew the history AND current events of the area (and also recommended additional sights to see). There are options for dining--more casual on the "terrace" and more formal (three-course meals, but casual attire acceptable) in the dining room. One day Dad's arthritis was troubling him; he was perfectly comfortable spending the day on the ship--visiting with other passengers--while the rest of our group was out and about. My husband and I tend to be independent travelers (I LOVE planning trips!); we enjoyed the group tours but also had time to explore on our own. The Viking staff was very helpful in recommending local business areas, sights, and restaurants (one day we wanted to stay out rather than return for lunch) and guiding us to land transportation for independent explorations. If your Dad is up for it, you may want to consider arriving a day or two early (to adjust to the time change) and/or staying on a day or two at the end to enjoy the arrival/departure cities--time in them is fairly limited. We have such wonderful memories of the time spent with my parents during this trip--I hope this helps you and that you can enjoy this time traveling with your dad!

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I would recommend Gate 1 Travel. Their cruise prices are much lower than the big name cruise companies and the boats are very modern and new.

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Avalon Waterways has a seven day tour on the Danube from Munich to Vienna.....the first two days are in a hotel in Munich and Avalon allows you to opt out (we did) of those first two days and catch the ship in you have five nights on board ship from Passau to Vienna. This was a very pleasant tour for us. The crew and wait staff on our tour were outstanding....super cordial and worked their tails off. The shore excursions were all 90 minutes or so in length which doesn't give much time for seeing much but if your Dad is older it might be a good option for him.
I'd never heard of Avalon prior to this trip (recommended by friends) but I will say we were very pleased and recommend them highly.