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Traveling to Germany in late Sept. This is just a small part of our trip but my question is: Can you take a train from Munich to Rothenberg and from Rothenberg over to Bacharach? Our goal is to go from Munich to Rothenberg stay one night then go to Bacharach and stay two nights. If we stay in Bacharach for two nights is it possible to cruise the river a little from there and cruise the Mosel as well..using Bacharach as our home base? We are headed over to Belgium from there.


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I suggest you get familiar with finding train schedules on the German Rail site.

You will find that there is a string of 3 or 4 trains between Munich and Rothenburg, and another string of 4 or 5 trains between Rothenburg and Bacharach.

It would be possible to cruise the Mosel from Bacharach, but getting to the Mosel by boat would take too much time. Pick a town on the Mosel where the boats dock and take the train to there.

Suggest you take the boat from Bacharach to St. Goar, then go by train to the Mosel. The K-D website has schedules for the Mosel.

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You can take the train to Rothenberg and from there to Bach. It is easy to cruise Rhine from St Goar, one train stop north from Bach. I did not see any cruise lines on the Mosel, but easy to rent bikes or train. I would not waste the time if you only have a couple days. I would try to get to Koln on the train ride into Bach just to see the church as you step out of the station - it is worth an hr or so if want to see the grandest Gothic church in Germany. There are a few easy to tour castles right on the Rhine. My favorite is just a short walk south from Bach. This is all covered in RSGermany guide book, you can probably find a used one for $5. The sites have not changed in years. It will also help you with hotels etc.

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Yes on your first question, done it. Yes on your second question. Just check the train schedule to work it all out. Also that time of year they have wine festivals on the Mosel and Rhine that are really fun to go to. Local wine and great fun food with deserts!!!!!!! Check it out!